H.F.J.Bligh at H.F.J.Bligh at
Tue Jul 19 05:10:00 EST 1994

Well I had my first baby (beautiful girl) 18 months ago during my second
post doc. Havingsaid that I'm English so the timescales all a bit
different here. (I'm 31 now).
One thing I have noticed is that after I had had 5 months away from the lab
I came back much keener and much more confident of my own abilities.
Is this common? I recognise my old self in alot of the recent posts about
being mousy and always blaming myself if things went wrong. Now I am much more
confident about what I'm doing and also about questioning what other people
are doing.  For example I used to be really shy about asking questions in
research seminars in case I was asking something dumb. Now I have the 
courage of my convictions and discover that my question is nearly always
Any thoughts anyone?

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