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Speaking of which, I know that I want to go 
> straight to grad school, and it's time for me to begin looking into it.  I've 
> always wanted to try and go straight for a Phd rather than getting a Master's 
> first.  But I wonder if that is a wise thing to do.  ( I am also aware
that it 
> is not possible to do that at many schools).  Does anyone have any
thoughts on 
> that?  I need all the helpful advice I can get.  :)
>                                                             Mary
Unless you need/want to work as a research associate in an industrial lab for a while before getting your degree there is no reason I know of to do the extra work necessary to get a Masters degree. It will take longer, you will have to jump through more hoops, and, either way, you will  be Dr. Whoever when you finish. Graduate school is a wonderful experience (I'm sure it doesn't look that way to many people immersed in it), go for it! and remember that the point of doing it is to have fun and discover som
ething no one has ever known before.

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