confidence and science

Kelly Tetro ktetro at
Thu Jul 21 00:07:18 EST 1994

Mary....I am doing a MSc. first and then a PhD somewhere els. I
have found this good so far because I was also inexperienced. I
feel that I have learned from my mistakes in choosing my MSc.
supervisor, dealing with lab politics, defending my ideas etc.
and I am looking forward to starting fresh, armed with this new
knowledge, on the degree that really counts.

 Things might be
different in states, were a lot of people have been discussing on
other groups, that an MSc. is seen as a consolation prize. I feel
that my MSc. will open more doors especially if children come
along unexpectedly. Any other thoughts on this from people who
have been there? I would love to discuss this more from the woman
perpective, where family is also a concern.


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