Are PSATs biased against girls?

Ralph D. Taite
Wed Mar 2 11:41:52 EST 1994

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> It is tough to be taken seriously as a woman in science. Women have to cover
> their butts when making new assertions -- more so than men. Even younger
> men in science who "talk the talk" that there should be no bias still act
> in a biased fashion. ie. If a man fails to cite someone's work, it is called
> an oversight or difference of scientific opinion. If a woman fails to cite, it 
> is a serious offense and/or she is a "dragon lady" 

     Is this true?  How often does it occur?  Could other women who've
experienced sexism explain the conditions and how they think that they were
wronged?  Do women in science feel that great scientific discoveries are
being missed because females aren't taken seriously?  I would appreciate
some illumination on this very important issue.  After all, if, as a result
of sexism, serious women scientists are being ignored, then the benefits
that women in science could bring for all of humankind are being lost. 
That would transcend the issue of equality and be an issue of universal

> Katey

                              Ralph D. Taite
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