Kris Carroll kcarroll at
Thu Mar 3 23:08:56 EST 1994

In article <2l5h79$sq0 at> nash at (John Nash)  
> If you follow soc.culture.canada, you will see that a certain Lawrence
> Godfrey has tried to sue both Phill Hallam-Baker and the DESY (an
> Institute in Germany) following remarks that were posted on a number of
> newsgroups.  It appears that a writ from a British High Court is
> involved. 
> You may all howl that this is not possible, that posts could be
> forged, etc, etc, but it appears that in this case, a participant is
> taking the challenge to an extreme.
> In the UK, it is possible to lose a libel suit if you damage
> somebody's reputation, truth or not!

Or s.c.british/german. But, and I hesitate to speak directly, it has been  
suggested that this is more a game of seeking a settlement (read  
extortion) than something that has a legal leg to stand on. Why hasn't a  
netwide info bulletin been posted or has it? Guidelines on the frontier  
would be helpful. KC

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