Sexual sin, living hell and christian women

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Fri Mar 4 13:47:46 EST 1994

Does anyone out there know what the HELL Alan Carpenter is talking about
and why this is being posted on this group?

Tip for Alan Carpenter -
Go back to elementary school. Learn how to spell and use proper grammar...
then maybe you'll be taken seriously.

My personal view is... I don't need a Rush Limbaugh type invading my CPU,
and I will not bother to read any of Alan Carpenter's Spanish Inquisition
hype. AAAAH... the beauty of the Internet... you can delete it before you
read it!

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On Fri, 4 Mar 1994, CIRCA wrote:

> In article <acarpent.762205258 at osprey>, acarpent at
> (Alan Carpenter) wrote:
> > 1.  Homosexuality is considered to be a sin in the Bible.  It is given
> > as being no better or worse than other sexual sins 
> What is the big deal? All other countries, except the U.S.A. considered
> Homosexuality is crime. Most countries, except the U.S.A. considered other
> sexual sins as crime. What do you try to prove, tough on "CRIME" (depend on
> who is the judge)? Is it a "CRIME" to eat DOG meat, too? What Bible? Which
> visions are you talking about? You don't have ONLY ONE book! You don't have
> a
> Bible!  Does God speak your language? Bible is not in english and Jesus is
> not
> white.
> > 2.  Sin in general drives a wedge between the sinner and God.
> > Sexual sins, however, are called out for especially harse judgement
> How harse your judgement can be? Both Russia and the old Soviet Union 
> ban Homosexuality. Gays were jailed during Stalin time. Sexual criminals
> were punished with death.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> A lot of Christians believed that the earth is a living hell. The truth is
> that
> most non-Christians enjoy life more in this "living hell". How harse the 
> judgement of Christians can be? Tell us how bad another "hell" is.
> Most Christians wanted to live longer, right? They spent a  lot of money
> to make themself heathy because they tried to avoid "heaven". 
> > 3.  Shall we continue in sin, that grace [for the saved] may abound?
> > That's the question Paul asks.  The clear answer is NO.
> "NO", Ah! Ah! Ah! The fact is that everything is against your will
> now. You can not do anything. Nothing! Do you get it!
> > 4.Sin is not part of our nature as Christians (for
> > those truly saved). 
> Why more christians raped their won children in the Christian Nation? 
> Why more christians went to topless bars in the Christian Nation?
> Why the Christian Nation builded more topless bars than any other
> non-christian nations?
> > Paul himself told the church not to judge those outside of it, 
> > only those who call themselves believers.
> Sure, Paul know who is the true sinners! Beside, it depends on 
> what kind of judgement you are talking about. The typical judgement
> of the church is that "God forgvie you, you can sin again in the
> very next day"
> > [Christ Himself judged the religious leaders the harshest since
> > they were the ones charged with upholding the truth!]
> Are you sure about that? "Sinners" are usually happier than anyone else
> in the Christian Nation. Religious leaders usually love to kiss
> their "a-s".
> > I am NOT anti-gay for the sake of the argument:  I am anti-sin,
> > but not anti-sinner. 
> > -- Alan
> I am NOT anti-christian for the hell of debate: I am anti-christianity,
> but not anti-christian.
>  --- Believe it or not. It is only a joke!
> Don't burn a cross in front of my house because I am NOT anti-christian.
> > |  "CONCENSUS IS THE DEATH OF LEADERSHIP"   -- Lady Margaret Thatcher |
> > |  acarpent at              MELBOURNE, FLORIDA 32902 |
> Do you have any concensus at all? If you do, I would let you to choose 
> between Soul and Life. What Lady Margaret Thatcher think about male
> stipper?

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