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Fri Mar 4 22:49:00 EST 1994

     I have loaded this on for Nancy Han.  She is doing a research report on
neglected female patients.  A response is required by the 11 th of march 
Thanks for anyone who to fill out the survey.

Nancy Han -->

My topic is on neglect of female patients in medicine, especially in 
health research.  I would apreciate hearing from anyone who knows anything
about the topic.

0.  Name (You may write anonymous), Occupation or area of expertise?

1.  Why have women been ignored by the medical research community for so 

2.  What are the most important gaps in one knowledge about womens 
health? Why?

3.  Why is heart disease considered a man's disease when heart disease the
number 1 killer of women?

4.  What research breakthrough in womens health do you expect in the 

5.  Do you think progress is bieng made in womens research?

6.  Do you think that doctors are biased in their treatment of female 
 If so, why?

7.  What sort of misconseptions does the medical community have about 
health? Why?

8.  Do females get "short changed" in health care? Why?
And how do females feel about that?

9.  What sort of emotional change do women go through after a 

10.  Why have women been neglected by doctors for so long?
Did it start in medical school?


Todd Hansen --
Common disclaimer: I am just doing this as a favor, I haven't really 
heard much
of these topics.  I will send these comments directly to her, as I am at 
knowledge to work with them.  Any way, a lot of people have requested 
copies of
the final; It would be impossible for me to make avaliable, so don't 
ask.  If
you reply, don't expect a response as for the volume of mail I am 
Try to make the subject as close to the one above as possible for easy 
Thanks.  And a Thanks in advance to all who respond.

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