sinners & poor grammar

ebarak at NSF.GOV ebarak at NSF.GOV
Sat Mar 5 09:15:32 EST 1994

     Karen J. Kroslowitz  writes:

>I still don't get it.
>Why would someone post a reply that sounds as if it should have been 
>scribbled on a bathroom wall instead of the Internet to this 
>newsgroup? I realize that this loud-mouthed poor speller didn't even 
>sign his/her
>post, and I'm of the opinion that if you can't sign your name to it, your 
>opinion doesn't count for much.
>Also, how does one post something with a "From" address that cannot be 
>replied to? (yes, that's a dangling participle... you caught me!) I tried 
>to reply to the dolt, but I received a mailer-daemon. Any guesses?

I, too, am a "savant idiot" when it comes to computer networking, and 
do not know the answer to Karen's last questions.  However, it has 
occurred to me that anyone who is sophisticated enough to be able to 
send anonymous e-mail messages to discussion groups is probably also 
reasonably literate. Therefore, either the mysterious correspondent 
was probably either : 1, someone whose first language is other than 
English; or 2, putting it on.  Somehow, my hunch is that the latter is 
the case.  

Eve Barak

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