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Nicolas Pesenti pesenti at
Mon Mar 7 04:14:07 EST 1994

Subject: seeking volunteer opportunities related to nature conservation in
         Australia or New Zealand, period: April to June '94.

Dear netters,

I'm posting this article for my friend who is seeking
a volunteer opportunity/activity related to
 - nature conservation;
 - related educational activities;
 - maintenance of a national park's infrastructure;
 - Australia (east coast), New Zealand.

The goal is to get in contact with the context of nature conservation and
the fauna and flora of Australia and/or New Zealand.
My friend could imagine to help establish botanic or flora surveys,
to participate at educational activities or to maintain a national park's

The planned durations of collaboration are one to two months, i.e. April/May in 
N.Z. and May/June in Australia. The curriculum vitae lists a B.S 
degree in biology (major: natural science: botany, zoology), a teacher's 
certificate and five year of teaching experience.

We would appreciate receiving any information or offers related to volunteer
opportunities. The request is relatively urgent, since the departure is
scheduled for April 2nd. Hence, it would be best if you could include the
organisations' fax numbers or even e-mail addresses. 

For a detailed resume or curriculum vitae, please see below. For any other 
information, contact myself at 
  - e-mail:  'pesenti at' 
  - fax: + 41 24 21 00 50 (explicitly addressed to M. Nicolas Pesenti).
I will re-route your messages.

Looking forward to receive your answers !



Curriculum vitae

Family, given names:	Rumo Christine
Address:		Ch. de Broye 1
			1020 Renens
Phone:			+ 41 21 634 88 27 
Fax:			+ 41 24 21 00 50
Date of birth:		2.3.1961
Citizenship:		Swiss

1980:	School-leaving certificate (qualifying for admission at university);
1984:	Teacher's certificate;
1992:	Cambridge First Certificate;
1993:	Bachelor of Science, University of Lausanne,
	major: biology (botany and zoology)

Professionnal activity :
1984-1989: Teacher at the Primary School;

Extraprofessionnal courses :
Ornithology, micromammals, edible plants;

Holidays camps :
Supervising WWF-Camps with children and teenagers based on the fauna and 
the flora;

| Nicolas Pesenti, e-mail: pesenti at
| EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

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