choosing a program in marine biology

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Tue Mar 8 23:16:25 EST 1994

The University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus, has an excellent
program in Marine Biology. If interesed in more information
send me a mail.

A. Alvarez
alvarez at

In article <Pine.3.87.9403051525.A18967-0100000 at>, adpollak at WATARTS.UWATERLOO.CA (Angela Pollak) writes:
> I'm searching through the internet for information on universities 
> offering undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies in marine biology.  
> Can anyone offer me suggestions on where these courses are offered, what 
> kind of specialties marine biology is divided into, and
> and how to judge which programs might be better than others?  
> I'd be happy to take any advice you may have to offer.
> (If you can't help, can you give me the e-mail address of someone who may 
> be able to?)
> Thanks,
> Angela Pollak

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