Kelly Tetro ktetro at
Mon Mar 7 02:16:10 EST 1994

As a lowly grad student myself, I became concerned reading this
apology and was encouraged by such strong replies in refuting it.

The way I understand it, grad school is to promote independent
thinking, analyze and question the work of others, and be
prpeared to express and defend your opinions. It became clear
from the apology, that Ms. Wigget was severely reprimanded for
doing this. I am offended that you would assume that I would be
offended by her remarks without having the intelligence to judge
for myself. I understand that scientific skeptism is universal
and hope that in my scientific career people will question my
work, not just those deemed my superior, but students, other
researchers, the public etc. I hope this questioning occurs
whether I'm a lowly grad student or Nobel Prize laurate, for that
is scientific progress and is for the good of knowledge, even if
it might not be good for "my career".

I hope the acting director of NAL is a minority in this community
that I am working hard to enter, and I will be free to express my
scientific opinions without fear of serious condemnation.

I would like to emphasis that this is my personal opinion, on my
feelings towards that apology letter, and might be unfounded,
unsupported, and unwarranted. Nevertheless, I feel they are valid
and glad that I have an opportunity to express them.

Kelly Tetro
ktetro at 

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