Hormone replacement therapy

Wed Mar 16 11:18:00 EST 1994

bt048478 at dingo.cc.uq.oz.au wonders whether hormone replacement therapy is 
yet another example of men experimenting on women's bodies. Hmmm...
I'm really not interested in defending men as a group in this case, but
I will say this: Why not think of it as Big Business experimenting with
whoever is out there? As exemplified by another recent "hot topic"
-giving cows growth hormone- the development of any technology into a
marketable product never depends on its potential usefulness but rather
on its saleability. This in turn hinges on a public PERCEPTION of usefulness,
and that is that.

Now, if this person is interested in hormone replacement therapy and has
concerns I would hope that the issue would be safety per se. Whether it's
men or aliens or funny-looking stuffed animals who are responsible for any
potential harm is really beside the point.

Finally, what happens if this therapy turns out to be the best thing since
sliced bread? Would this be "another example of men discovering and inventing
wonderful things"? I don't think so.

Think about it.

Ricardo Azpiroz
Plant Sciences
U. Arizona

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