hormone replacement therapy

candace Timpte ctimpte at bio.indiana.edu
Fri Mar 18 09:11:56 EST 1994

> Does anyone out there belong to the age group where this topic is of
> personal interest/experience?
> I have a few questions for which I would be grateful for any information:
> 1.	In what form is HRT administered? eg orally, ? ?
> 2.	What hormone(s) involved?
> 3.	Is the source synthetic? (Bearing in mind the recent deaths of
> 	women who had taken some therapy (can't remember what) extracted
> 	from cadavers, and had developed Kreutz-Jakob (spelling dodgy) syndrome)
> 4.	To do with menopause, do hot flushes continue forever or just
> 	during the perimenopausal stage?
> 5.	Does menstruation return to monthly?
> 6.	What side effects?
> 7.	Is this yet another example of men (Drs, drug companies)
> 	experimenting of women's bodies or am I just being paranoid?

			  I am not of the age (yet) to experience the joys of hormone
therapy, but have some experience with the hormone game. (Would prefer to
reply via email, but you gave no address.)
	    In the course of treatment for infertility, I have taken various doses
of estrogen- the same that is given for replacement therapy, called
Low doses had no side effects for me, but the slightly higher doses put
me into serious depression. Daily tears for no reason and lack of desire to
do any of my work or anything else.  If you do take estrogen, find a doctor
who listens to your side effects and will work with you to find the dose
helps without causing severe life problems.
      Best of luck,

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