hormone replacement therapy

Anke-Peggy.Holtorf at dm.rs.ch Anke-Peggy.Holtorf at dm.rs.ch
Fri Mar 18 15:18:36 EST 1994

I suffered from secondary dismenorhoe for about 10 years between the age of 26
and 37.  For me, the
replacement (a 2-phase replacement of gestagene and estrogene, 21 days and 7
days break  -   comparable to
the combination contraceptives) meant, that during the replacement, I had
something like a menstruation,
which had the pure psychologic impact, that I didn't feel as a neutral or
old-aged person. The other effect is,
that the bone  metabolism is continuing, which was very important for me. I saw

many examples without
hormone replacement: old ladies with curved legs and backs, whome you can watch

disintigrating; young
girls with secondary amenorhoa because of  anorexia nervosa ....
You could say, that we are getting too old anyway, and therefor, that it does
not make sense to artificially
support health and constitution in old aged women. And talking about young
women with stress
syndromes or psychologic defects, you might argue, that hormone replacement
only heals the symptoms
instead of the actual reasons for the diseases. For myself, I decided, that my
therapy did not suffer but was
supported by the replacement therapy: there was one point less to worry about.
Now, I don't need it any
longer ...
Since most science and medical research is male, also the replacement therapy
is probably a male product.
But why can't we use male products while developping our own strategies at the
same time ?
I think, this is an interesting discussion  and would like to hear more


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