hormone replacement therapy

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> Does anyone out there belong to the age group where this topic is of
> personal interest/experience?
> I have a few questions for which I would be grateful for any information:
> 1.	In what form is HRT administered? eg orally, ? ?
> 2.	What hormone(s) involved?
> 3.	Is the source synthetic? (Bearing in mind the recent deaths of
> 	women who had taken some therapy (can't remember what) extracted
> 	from cadavers, and had developed Kreutz-Jakob (spelling dodgy) syndrome)
> 4.	To do with menopause, do hot flushes continue forever or just
> 	during the perimenopausal stage?
> 5.	Does menstruation return to monthly?
> 6.	What side effects?
> 7.	Is this yet another example of men (Drs, drug companies)
> 	experimenting of women's bodies or am I just being paranoid?

Sorry, I don't have any personal experience with this, but my mother-in-law
receives estrogen replacement therapy (post menopausal).  Her  medication
comes as a patch that you stick on your skin, and the hormone (estradiol)
is carried through the skin.  The patch is changed twice a week, and she
wears one for three weeks, then no patch for one week.  Replacement
hormones may be naturally derived or synthetic.  Some other responses to
your letter mentioned Premarin, which is extracted from the urine of
pregnant mares.  Estrogen therapy is not recommended for anyone with a
family history of breast cancer, and there are possible side effects.  Ask
your Dr. lots of questions, then get the name of the medication and look it
up in the Physicians' Desk Reference for info on side effects, etc.   

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