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Brenda L BRENDAL at angen.warc.cri.nz
Wed Mar 23 16:05:55 EST 1994


[snip]. Here's my
>question: if the best women in biomedical research are not on this network,
>who is? Is the membership of this net mostly people too young to be world-
>famous or are we all really nothing more than a bunch of observers and/or

i get the distinct impression in my own workplace, that the 'world-famous' 
contingent don't use the net.  at least in new zealand, the significance of 
the net and the possibilities it can have, are not apparent to the 'older' 
people in the work force.  i have encountered opinions ranging from 'it's a 
waste of time' to 'i've never heard of it'.  most of these opinions come from 
the older, wiser workers around me.

possibly these people are too busy (and they are busy) to give time and energy 
to learning a new system, failing to recognise that it is atually very easy, 
potentially beneficial and totally accessible to them.  

i don't think we're "nothing more than a bunch of observers and/or wannabe's" 
at all.  we are people coming through the system and using the technology that 
is available to us.  we are people who use the net for communication, 
information and socialization.  there's no wannabe element that relegates us 
to the net because we're not world famous yet!

>I'm not even sure I want to know the answer to this, but I felt it was 
>an interesting observation.

>Does anyone care if the big guns are not here? Would it be better if they
>were, or worse?

if they're here they're welcome.  if they're not it's their loss.

Brenda Leeuwenberg			BRENDAL at ANGEN.WARC.CRI.NZ

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