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>Well this time I apparently got caught.  My apologies to those who read
>the mail I forwarded.
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>The message on Apple's human rights policy being under attack by the religious
>right is a recurring hoax that pops up periodically. It is in the same class
>as the appeal for postcards to Craig Sherwood.

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This particular description may have been unfounded in facts (i.e. hundreds
of FAXes etc), but it is also true that Apple has been taking a lot of heat
for their human rights stance from the religious right.  I was in Austin,
Texas last Christmas, and there was a major flurry of activity from some of
the local Christian homophobes about Apple setting up a new plant in the
area.  Fact is, these intrusive busybodies consistently try to intimidate
companies, and often get away with it.  It is a wise idea to watch out for
them.  It is rare enough to have a company that will try to do the right
thing even if it doesn't increase their profits, and we shouldn't let them
fall victim to vocal bozos.

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