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Anne Savitt asavitt at sunysb.edu
Thu Mar 24 13:44:38 EST 1994

I happen to work across the hall from Paula Enrietto, who is one of the
signatories on the Science letter.  I asked her if she knew about the
network, participated, etc., and her response was that she was unaware of
it but would I please get her on-line, it sounded very exciting.  I spoke
to another woman faculty member here, who said that she had been involved
with the network in the beginning, but that she found it too
time-consuming and that she had too many other things to read,
responsibilities, etc.  

On an entirely different topic, I just had the good fortune to go to a
luncheon at which Patricia Wright was the featured speaker.  In case you
don!t know about her, she is the primatologist who defied the men who
said that a woman with a child couldn!t do field research, got her Ph.D.,
went to Madagascar to look for a nearly extinct lemur, found not only the
one she was looking for but a new species as well, and in the process was
instrumental in the creation of the Ramanafama National Park to preserve
Madagascar!s rain forest.  She is on Stony Brook!s faculty, and is one of
the most impressive speakers I have ever met.  If you ever get the chance
to hear her or meet her, I strongly urge you to do so.  

Anne Savitt
Department of Microbiology
SUNY at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY   11794-5222
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