About who is listening in

K. Mccourt keith at UTCC.UTORONTO.CA
Thu Mar 24 17:05:39 EST 1994

To the person who seems concerned about consorting with wanna bes:

Has it ever occurred to you that every "big gun" starts life as a 
wanna be?  Some of the wanna bes you are interacting with or listening 
to in this group may well be big guns some day, and this may be a 
valuable opportunity for you to "get in on the ground floor" with some
of these people, if that's where your interests lie.  Are ideas 
only interesting or worth discussing if big guns are part of the 
conversation?  Isn't that one of the ways of thinking that
have marginalized women and other "disadvantaged" groups for so long?  
Big guns rarely generate new ideas for very long in science.  If you are
interested in being a big gun then, finding out what they think may be im-
portant.  However, there is more to life and especially to good science
than being a big gun.  Maybe you would be better off to listen to a few
more wanna bes and find out where the future of ideas is, rather than
concerning yourself with the status of those who are, or are not parti-

Kallie Keith
University of Toronto

PS  If R.Rasooly is listening, please write me again.  I lost your address
before I answered.

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