Please Read: Woman's Voice

Katherine Piyaka kpiyaka at
Thu Mar 31 13:04:20 EST 1994

Hi there!  I am an undergraduate at Haverford College doing research on the
woman's voice on e-mail for a class on women in science.  I would like to
know how you feel about the woman's voice on e-mail.  For example, do you
feel that societal boundaries such as race and gender are overcome by the
fact that you can't see, hear, or read the handwriting of the sender of the
message?  Do you feel more open to "speak" up on the Internet than you do
in traditional scientific settings such as at conferences and in
laboratories?  Have you ever "said" something in an e-mail message that you
normally would not say to someone face to face?  Do you think that your
personality changes when you e-mail?  Have you ever initiated conversation
with someone using a computer system that you wouldn't normally approach? 
What do you use the Internet for and how often do you use it?

Responses from both women and men are welcome and much appreciated.  If you
do not wish to post publically, you can e-mail me at kpiyaka at 

Your responses will be used anonymously.  Responses need not be lengthy. 
Please indicate your sex and occupation in your reply.  Thank you very
much.  Your help is greatly appreciated.


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