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Thu Nov 10 17:17:39 EST 1994

Hello.  I have a question regarding compromises scientists (not necc. just
women) have to make regarding research pursuits.  Specifically, I am an
undergraduate right now, and have a choice between two fields to pursue.  One
of the fields I find absolutely fascinating, unfortunately it is rather
esoteric and there is NO job market.  I am not quite as interested in the
other field, but it has a much greater chance of getting me a job later on.
     I'm not really sure which is more important: the interest or the work.  If
I choose according to my interest, but can't get grants to do any research,
what good is it?  Yet, if I guide myself toward the other field, do I spend my
life feeling slightly disgruntled at not doing what I wish I could?
     I've chosen to be abstract in describing what the two fields are; please
reply based on your own personal experiences, or feel free to contact me for
more information.
                                                Thank you,
                                                           Deborah Phillips

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