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Rae Nishi nishir at
Mon Nov 14 16:07:56 EST 1994

Well, actually, when you're a faculty member, your decisions affect
your chairperson and the functioning of the department, but I certainly
never consulted my chair when I decided to have kids.  I think that
procreating is a personal decision that should be carefully made after
all the pros and cons are considered.  People who are responsible for
salaries will have to be able to take into account time off for
parenting.  Much as I personally am uncomfortable with this (since I
work in a competitive field and have a grant that supports 4
individuals), it would be grossly unfair to prevent anyone from having
children just because I am inconvenienced (or to select against hiring
women just because "they might decide to have babies").

Rae Nishi
Dept. Cell Biology & Anatomy
Oregon Health Sciences University
Portland Oregon 97201
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