Reference Request

Agi Schonbrunn aschonb at
Mon Nov 14 16:32:33 EST 1994

I have been asked to present a workshop on the subject of:

   "Heading a Research/Teaching/Administrative Team" 

at a Conference on:

    "Professional Development for Women in Academia" 

to be held at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston on January
9/10, 1995.  Since I have not talked on this subject before, I would like
to make use of any available literature as well as personal experiences. 
Hence, I am writing with two questions:

1.  If anyone knows of good articles on this subject, could you please tell
me about them.

2.  I would appreciate hearing your concerns/questions on this topic, to
provide me with some specific subjects for my talk.

Thank you all for your help!

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