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Thu Nov 17 10:37:54 EST 1994

In article <3adqdu$ogl at>, roma at (Ron Madrid) writes:
>Information please.  My daughter would like to major in biology or biochem.
>Does anyone have any recommendations for good colleges in this area?
>Why do you recommend it?  How are the teachers? Class sizes? Quality of labs?
>Quality of class mates? Campus life? Other factors?
>Thanks in advance.  Please respond to me directly.
Dear Ron,
	Caltech is a good school for biology and/or biochemistry.  I went there
and have enjoyed the benefits of their education ever since.  The teachers,
quality of labs, classmates, etc. are excellent.  The class sizes are ~25, with
smaller classes for more advanced classes, and the total undergraduate enroll-
ment is ~900.  There are some new proposals for interdiciplinary classes at the
freshman level to replace the traditional subject-oriented classes.  I mention
this as an example of the imaginative ways in which Caltech aproaches educa-
tion.  If your daughter would enjoy a small school in a large metropolitan
area, she should consider Caltech.  Good luck.
				Bill Tivol

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