Problems and Complaints

Sun Nov 20 21:35:25 EST 1994

To everybody:

In my case, the reason I brought my "problem" to the net was to test
my own reactions.  I wasn't sure whether my "gut reaction" was appropriate.
Sometimes people in authority will try to force those they have control over into a bad position by making them feel unsure of themselves.  I was in that 
position.  It is not clear especially to young academics what is the 
appropriate action.  I am 43 years old and have a family of teen-aged children.
When my advisor informed me that I was too old to seek my Doctorate, and
that crying was inappropriate in response to anger.  I needed to check how 
others felt.  I now know that my age and my tears are somehow threatening
to this person and I have been able to discuss it with him.  We have come
to terms.  BTW, he checked with some of his collegues and was told to "get
off my back" and support me in seeking my doctorate.  Age and tears are 
apparently no-issues.  Thank you for all your support...

Linda Evers
eversl at

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