An aside to Amy Caudy

Sat Nov 26 01:54:19 EST 1994


I wanted to make an aside on one of the points that you made in your note.
I am a Grad student in Biology, I am also the Lab Manager for our Mycology
Lab.  When an undergraduate comes to my lab they start out doing glassware.
This is for several reasons:  1) it allows me to see if he/she is compatable
with our lab, able to follow directions, reliable; 2) it is a grunt job, but somebody has to do it, and undergrads as a rule are lower paid than grads; 3)  if 
doing dishes turns a perspective lab tech offso will some of the other more
mundane projects, like chemical inventory, refrigerator cleaning, and the
making of dung agar (Yes, that is a correct spelling).  For a good lab
drudge, (excuse the slang) research positions are made possible by the end of the semester.  Those that flake loose everything...or go somewhere else.  All
the labs at our small liberal studies school work about the same way.  But
for undergrads who do such work as collecting plants for plant tax, watering the
greenhouse, cleaning mammal corpses, and counting fungal spores in feces samplesthere are many research opportunities that open up.  And it doesn't take long
before the faculty knows your name and reputation.

Don't be so quick to knock glassware washers...

Linda Evers
Department of Biological Sciences
Mycology Laboratory
Humboldt State University
Arcata, CA  95521

eversl at

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