Maureen II maureenii at aol.com
Sun Nov 27 19:30:38 EST 1994

Yes Habib, feminism does show us what's wrong with the world, because if
the world weren't in such disarray, we would not need it.  I agree that
many feminists are obnoxious and overzealous.  But that is precisely what
feminism is all about:  allowing women the same latitude in offensive
conduct and personality as men.  There is no possible mechanism by which
you (and I am assuming you are a man) could even begin to understand what
it is to be a women; and since I also cannot relate to manhood I can only
say that it must provoke a sense of loss to men in general for women to
have gained power, because we had to gain that power at your expense. 
Feminism is only an indicator of the disfunction that riddles our world,
as are you. 
Maureen Miller

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