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On Mon, 28 Nov 1994 mcdonald at wsuhub.uc.twsu.edu wrote:

> >From: kkaye at vax.oxford.ac.uk, Oxford University writes:
> [Several interesting questions deleted for the single expedient
> of getting to a statement that marred the entire discourse
> for me...]
> >I cherish a belief in women scientists as beings with a
> >rather wider understanding of the human condition than many
> >of their male counterparts.
> This statement simply floors me! (and not just because I
> am a life scientist who happened to receive a Y chromosome
> at conception from dear old Dad).  I think that science historians
. . . Some stuff deleted
> David McDonald

	Although the words may have hit you wrong, for my young $.02, I
think that carefully considering female input in matters of reproduction
is definitely warranted. I hope that science historians of the future will
record the path of women in science from outcasts to fully participating
members of the profession, a group holding a slightly different viewpoint
(in general) compared to men.  Not necessarily the only correct view, put
certainly one more physically involved in birth.  Hopefully the historians
will trace the journey of men from a male-centered science view to a
destination that considers gender and reproduction with sensitivity and

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