real scientist

Blueheelr2 blueheelr2 at
Wed Sep 7 20:12:01 EST 1994

What is this "real" scientist business?  Why not simply, what is a
scientist?  Are we supposed to differentiate between real and unreal
scientists?  Maybe a better question is, what is an unreal scientist?  If
we find it doesn't exist, then can a real scientist exist?

Try on this one:  a scientist is what you are trained to be.  Whether or
not you are paid to use that training, and how much you use it, is another
matter.  Being and administrator or a teacher does not mean you are not a
scientist, or are less of a scientist.  Maybe you're just a frustrated
scientist.  If you don't use you're training at all, I guess you might be
a lapsed scientist.  Like a lapsed Catholic.  You're trained, you just
don't feel like playing.

Just a thought, from a young woman caught undecided between undergraduate
and graduate education.  

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