Being interviewed when pregnant

Jane Marie Johnston johnston at HELIX.NIH.GOV
Fri Sep 9 14:31:01 EST 1994

Sorry, I can't remember who asked if anyone had had an interview when
pregnant.  Last year at the Neuroscience meeting in Washington I was
(pretty obviously) seven months pregnant.  I had an arrangement to meet
with a prospective employer at my poster session to discuss the job etc.
I knew that she was at the meeting (I had spoken to her on the telephone)
and I knew who she was, although I was unknown to her.  I saw her come
to my poster but walk right passed me when she saw that I was pregnant.
No meeting, no discussion about my poster, no nothing. I later received
a letter saying that she wanted someone who could start right away -
despite the fact that she had told me on the telephone that the finances
would not be available until much later (ie well after my baby was due).

So was it a misunderstanding? Was it discrimination? Or was my poster
just pretty awful?!


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