gender and ease of getting job

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Thu Sep 15 21:37:40 EST 1994

mary (bouvier at wrote:
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: I'd love to make my first comment on the internet be profound.  This text
: editor takes some time to master (reminds me of my first HPLC computer)and as a
: resultI'll just make it a brief comment.
: I've been in market driven science (industry) for 10+ years.  Gender issues
: in science industry seems to start just after you get an entry level position.
: I've seen lots of biotech women who remain at the "do-er" level but there are
: a lot less in positions of budget decisions. I've done some tracking on an
: informal basis and women in biotech seem to get better jobs than in the
: pharmaceutical industry but I get the impression - this is one womens opinion-
: that women are not often rewarded as frequently once a biotech industry moves
: into stability (& profitability).
: Are we, as women in science, in a position to change the science industry ?
: Does popular opinion (the Sears TV ad that compares a man shopping at Sears
: to a female neurosurgeon and will not conclude who is smarter) continue to
: undermind our positions as people who can achieve and succeed in traditional
: power roles ?
: I've seen a lot of women leave the science industry leaving few mentors for
: the next generation of scientist (men&women) to emulate.

I am not sure we can blame women for leaving and not being mentors since
being in a medical college research/clincial labs with 2 women that have
been there for over 25 years.  But being in the same spot they started is
hard to feel like becoming mentors.  I myself am the supervisor to ladies my
mothers age, but realize at this institution this is it. I am currently
looking to move on because without an MD or PHD Our secretaries move into
the high ranking admin positions instead of the people whom help really make
it happen. 

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