Questionnaire for Canadian Women's Network

Eric von Graevenitz evongrae at schoolnet
Thu Sep 22 11:50:14 EST 1994

     This is a questionnaire inquiring: what are the interests and
needs of women, that may be provided over the Internet.  We are
plannning a non-profit national Canadian gopher system providing quick and
easy access to resources and information availible to anyone, but primarily
for females.

     Some of the proposed resources include: current information on 
healthcare, jobs & training, education, parenting, government,
arts, and technology.  Sources of information would include
everything from national and international government and private
data bases, to libraries, to local clinics.  Topics will eventually
cover: menopause;  AIDS;  scholarships;  women's business listings,
domestic violence; upcoming conferences, workshops, and events; 
legal and medical advice;  email and postal addresses of Members of
Parliament; Internet help;  discussion forums on literally
anything;  and more.

     In preparing this proposal we want to know what women need and
want?  What is already available, and who is interested in
providing services (free or otherwise)?  Suggestions on the
network's name (acronym or otherwise), and women's (short) stories
about their experiences over the Internet are more than welcome.
Please forward this questionnaire to any person or group that would be

P.S. This is a sincere request, the Prez & VP of our company are women and
     interested at providing this much needed service.

Eric von Graevenitz	: evongrae at
Clare Hutchin		: chutchin at

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