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Matthew Sachs msachs at ADMIN.OGI.EDU
Fri Sep 23 11:07:36 EST 1994

>Is this the only newsgroup about women in science?  I noticed a request
>to be subscribed to a "Women in Sciences" newsgroup, but didn't know that
>one existed.  Could someone fill me in the other network resources
>available to women in science?  Thanks.
>Norma Chang
>nchang at husc.harvard.edu

There are at least two WWW (World-Wide Web) sites for information on
subjects relevant to women in science and technology.  These network
resources can be examined using Mosaic.

[Women homepage]
URL:  http://www.mit.edu:8001/people/sorokin/women/

The Ada Project
URL:  http://www.cs.yale.edu/HTML/YALE/CS/HyPlans/tap/tap.html

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