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Cindy Fisher fisher at scripps.edu
Mon Sep 26 19:26:21 EST 1994

In article 1gu at scunix2.harvard.edu, nchang at husc9.Harvard.EDU (Norma Chang) writes:
>Is this the only newsgroup about women in science?  I noticed a request
>to be subscribed to a "Women in Sciences" newsgroup, but didn't know that
>one existed.  Could someone fill me in the other network resources
>available to women in science?  Thanks.
>Norma Chang
>nchang at husc.harvard.edu

There is another women-in-science forum you can join:  WISEnet.  To subscribe,
send the message "SUBSCRIBE WISENET" to LISTSERV at UICVM.UIC.EDU.  It's another
great group and the discussions that go on there are often fascinating and
very pertinent.


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