College path help needed

SuzieJ at suziej at
Tue Sep 27 23:00:16 EST 1994

I am 31, and just returned to school after 9 years or so to obtain a degree 
after abandoning my studies when I married and had kids.  I've tried to 
speak with counselors at school, but I've yet to get an appointment and 
the one I did get was too broad, and he wouldn't cover any specifics.  
I'm attending a California community college and plan to transfer to 
either UCSD or UCI as my credits allow.  My previous course work from 
Arizona State is fairly laughable, and I rather doubt transferrable. I'm 
interested in forensic science, and I've been unsuccessful in determining 
if there's a specified degree for such, or is a BS in biology the basis 
for grad work in such a field, etc. and do either UCSD or UCI offer such 
specialized programs. Please note those are my schools of choice, but I'm 
in no way limited to them, they're simply closer than anything else for 
me now.  I would appreciate any help you may have, or even just a point 
in the right direction, I'd hate to spend more time going the wrong way! 



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