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Wed Sep 28 18:05:03 EST 1994

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Newsday reporter, Dallas Gatewood (516) 843-2803 is looking for people 
between the ages of 18-29 years old to interview for a story he is 
writing on Generation-X and the changes that are going on in the 
workplace. He is interested in your expectations and if they are being 
met. Do you have a traditional or non-traditional job and has/have the 
companies you work/worked for met your expectations and changed to 
accommodate your lifestyle needs? What do you want in a job and what do you 
expect from an employer? What type of changes have you seen in the 
workplace since you graduated? What type of changes do you expect to see? 
What type of benefits do you expect? Please call Dallas at the number 
listed above or e-mail him at
kiely at

Thank you, Theresa Kiely, Library manager, Newsday

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