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>...  Another form asked for the name of the church of
> which I'm a member (not: "Are you a member of any church?" --they
> just assumed I would be!), location of the church, and my pastor's
> name!  The form
> that asked about church membership, etc. stated that it was not
> confidential, and there was a statement at the end saying that
> I would authorize its dissemination.  What do you all think?

My two cents worth is that you should put that application in the trash
and move on.  I have a friend who shall remain nameless who did post-doc
work at a university with "connections" to a religious group, which shall
also remain nameless.  Many bad things happened, as my friend was not a
member of that religion.  A university so parochial as to ask for such
information is probably not a good place for someone not affiliated with
that church to be.


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