What would YOU do?

Jennifer Langley jaylin at primenet.com
Sat Apr 1 14:27:51 EST 1995

I'm new to this newgroup and I have been sifting through some of the 
entries.  This seems to be a friendly and knowlegable newgroup.

I've got a question for those of you who already have degree's in 
Biology and/or are working in the field.

First, I should give you a little background on myself.

I'm almost 30 years old and Two years ago I started College.  I started 
not really knowing what I'd end up majoring in.  I took a biology class 
and was hooked.  I've taken a year and a half of biology.  One year is 
general Bio and one semester of Micro.  (I also have Chem and a lot of 
math under my belt and enjoy that too.)

I'm thinking I want to major in Microbiology, but I haven't declaired my 
major yet.  I also got slammed with the fact that I have to choose 
between things like immunology, virology and bacteriology (For a long 
time I thought micro was just micro...silly me).

My problem is that I find ALL of it interesting.  The only part of 
biology I don't really like is botany, and I even like that somewhat.

So here is my question:  Knowing what you know, if you had the chance to 
go back and do it all over again, what would you major in and why?

And hey, if you think the field stinks and you should have majored in 
economics, let me know that too.  Oh and don't worry, I'm not basing my 
decision on your answers.  I already *know* med or vet school is OUT!  I 
have no interest in practicing medicine.  Here is your chance to really 
talk it up and to say what you really think.


(and I'm not picky, you can post answers here or send them to me directly)

Jennifer Langley                
jaylin at primenet.com                 

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