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Another hard working group of women scientists which I highly recommend is 
GWIS (Graduate Women in Science) which has a similar broad focus, a 
national presence, and has been around a bit longer than AWIS:
National GWIS office
POBox 19947
San Diago, CA 92159
email: dcbrown at
Joy Frestedt
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Julia A. Keith  <Julia.A.Keith at> wrote:
>--- june kk wrote:
>Does anyone have any information on how to join AWIS?
>What is the current emphasis of this organization (i.e. is there a
>specific discipline that is particularly underlined?)
>--- end of quoted material ---
>There is no specific discipline underlined.  AWIS annual membership (including
>the bi-monthly magazine) costs $10-60 depending on your income and whether
>you're a chapter member as well as a national organization member.
>Address is:
>Association for Women in Science
>1522 K St, NW, Suite 820
>Washington, DC 20005
>I highly reccommend it.
>Julie Keith

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