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Sun Apr 2 11:36:00 EST 1995

> I'm thinking I want to major in Microbiology, but I haven't declaired my 
> major yet.  I also got slammed with the fact that I have to choose 
> between things like immunology, virology and bacteriology (For a long 
> time I thought micro was just micro...silly me).
> My problem is that I find ALL of it interesting.  The only part of 
> biology I don't really like is botany, and I even like that somewhat.
> So here is my question:  Knowing what you know, if you had the chance to 
> go back and do it all over again, what would you major in and why?

It really depends on what _you_ are interested in.  I majored in Microbio in
undergrad, and absolutely loved playing with bacteria (Path lab was the best
:)   ).  However, before going straight to Grad school, I went to work to
see how I really liked the benchwork.  I found that, while I really liked
playing with bacteria in a class/lab setting, it was not something that
really excited my Mind.  After some work experience and classes here and
there to explore my interests (one at NIH-a great place to get excited 
about something!), I chose to go into neuroscience.  This is the field that
stimulated ideas for _me_.  

Everyone is different.  A lot of things interest me, too (which is a
problem!), but what drives me, makes me ask questions, makes me want and
care and strive for answers is where I am heading with my future.  For
one person, it is Microbio, for another, it is Botany.    Ask yourself
what most you want to figure out, then go for it.

By the way, (and others may have different experiences, but this is what
I found) a science degree, whether it be in biology or Micro, will make
you a candidate for a variety of jobs.  Most of my jobs only utilized a
small part of my knowledge, and trained me for the rest.
> And hey, if you think the field stinks and you should have majored in 
> economics, let me know that too.  Oh and don't worry, I'm not basing my 
> decision on your answers.  I already *know* med or vet school is OUT!  I 
> have no interest in practicing medicine.  Here is your chance to really 
> talk it up and to say what you really think.
Here, again, it depends on what you want.  If you want money........ :)
But I don't think most of us get into science for the money.  Rather,
the love of it!
> Thanks.....
> (and I'm not picky, you can post answers here or send them to me directly)
> --
> Jennifer Langley                
> jaylin at primenet.com                 


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