Sexual attraction

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Sun Apr 2 19:11:44 EST 1995

Regardless of the circumstances, it is ALWAYS wrong for faculty to sleep
with students.  It is not the student who does wrong by seeking sexual
relations, it is the faculty for seeking or engaging in relations.  The
power balbance is too strongly tilted toward the faculty for this to be
appropriate or acceptable.   Period.    End of lesson.  Most schools have
strong prohibitions built into their faculty guidlines or codes which are
breached in the norm, only to surface if the behavior (homosexual) or
publicness of the behavior forces the administration to confront the
issue.   More often the student is hurt, their career damaged, and the
faculty able to move on to the next "favored" student.  No one has
published a study of student suicides that looks hard at the frequency
with which an ended student faculty affair contributed to the student
despair. . . .  but you can imagine.  
Jane A. Petro, MD

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