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Sun Apr 2 21:13:31 EST 1995

>>                       My name is Chris and I've recently begun a postdoc. at
>Oxford Uni in
>>biochemistry.  My problem is that I have become attracted to my supervisor
>>(Prof.J.E.Baldwin) and I know that he feels the same way.  Should I give in
>>to my gut reaction and agree to date him steadily or will this compromise
>>my professional position ?  The problem is that we both got very drunk at a
>>viva celebration a week ago and ended up sleeping together - I havn't been
>>able to face him since and the position is compromising my work. Please
>>e-mail me with your advice - should I dump Baldwin or start a real
>>relationship with him ?

>Assuming that this isn't utter nonsense, you had absolutely no right to 
>post his name.  Asking for advice and exposing your personal life is one 
>thing.  Exposing someone else's personal life without permission is 
>despicable.  I hope he "dumps" you - both personally and professionally, 
>as you apparently have no sense of judgment whatsoever.

>Ellen Paul

Please, please, PLEASE people.  The original poster played a very cruel joke 
on Chris.  Please don't post anymore follow-ups giving her advice.  Chris 
posted that this was a JOKE played on her.  It was NOT her fault.

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