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> <our program here has a minimum of 5 years (even if you
> >come in with a masters already) and I know of programs (Harvard comes to mind)
> >where the average grad student stay is 8-10 years.  How come the US demands so
> >much more time? 
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>   My understanding is that students in the UK are forced to specialize MUCH
> earlier than in the US & have taken what we would consider to be graduate
> level courses before starting the PhD program.  Thus, they take few, if any
> formal courses once they do enter a program & can devote full time to
> research.  
>   Clarification would be appreciated from those of you who've actually gone
> through the UK sustem.
> Beth

Can't speak to the UK, but I went through the University system in
the Netherlands. They have abolished the bachelor's degree there, and
one gets a master's in about four to five years. Then there are another
four years (more if necessary, but they try to keep it to four) for the
Ph.D. The latter does not require any formal courses, at least it didn't
when I did it; just one-on-one interaction with your supervisor, who
essentially tells you which books to read and come back and tell him/her
about it.

This system was great for me, I don't know how other people would fare
under it.

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