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Tue Apr 4 08:58:54 EST 1995

This is a response to the question about the length of time required to
earn a Ph.D. in the U.K. (sorry, I thought I had saved the original
message but, alas, can't find it now). 

I did the first two years of my bachelor's degree in the U.S., then
transferred to a U.K. program in applied biology. In my experience, my
B.Sc. from England was equivalent to the coursework required for an MS in
the U.S., and the research requirement was only slightly less rigorous.
Ph.D.s in the U.K. require no further formal coursework or "research
rotations" - one just joins a lab and begins work on one's dissertation
research. In contrast, my Ph.D. from a U.S. university _required_ two
years of coursework and research rotations before I could start work on my
prelims, then on my dissertation research. My Ph.D. took 5 years, less
than 3 of which were spent doing my dissertation research. 

Each system has pros and cons.

Sherry Marts
American Health Assistance Foundation

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