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Tue Apr 4 12:49:13 EST 1995

Beth Shuster wrote:
>  My understanding is that students in the UK are forced to specialize MUCH
>earlier than in the US & have taken what we would consider to be graduate
>level courses before starting the PhD program.  Thus, they take few, if any
>formal courses once they do enter a program & can devote full time to
>  Clarification would be appreciated from those of you who've actually gone
>through the UK sustem.
>Beth Shuster                        
>Univ. of California, Davis
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I've only gone through half the UK system (bachelor's and master's; never
went on to a Ph.D.) But I essentially agree with Mandy and Beth that UK
undergraduate degrees are more advanced, or at least more specialised, than
in the US and that is what gives one the head start on a Ph.D.

This is empirical, non-peer-reviewed and just my $0.02! :-)

Hilary Bates
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