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Mary Curtis curtis1 at wis.com
Mon Apr 3 10:43:20 EST 1995

: I have recently decided to go on for my doctorate,and have chosen science
: education as my future goal.  In other words, I will supervise student
: teachers learning to be teachers of science for grades K-12.  My question
: mainly is what special planning can I do to make this program work?
I am not in the education field, but I have been working as a classroom 
mentor with a local second grade class.  Our projects are centered around 
science (since that is what I am most comfortable with!) and if I could 
give anyone advice, it would be to make every effort to MAKE SCIENCE FUN! 
These kids aren't unfamiliar with science/nature/technology/etc...but 
many are simply AFRAID of it.  Especially at the younger ages, kids are 
curious--if science teachers learn to exploit that curiosity then kids 
could freely discover science rather than be forced into it.  

Elementary and secondary science teachers do have a national society, but 
I cannot remember the name (Science Teachers Association??)  Maybe 
someone in the newsgroup is a member...I'll ask my 2nd grade teacher.

Mary K. Burnham Curtis
NBS-Great Lakes Science Center
Ann Arbor,  MI  48105

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