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>On 4/2, Julie Keith <Julia.A.Keith at> wrote:  
><our program here has a minimum of 5 years (even if you
>>come in with a masters already) and I know of programs (Harvard comes to mind)
>>where the average grad student stay is 8-10 years.  How come the US demands so
>>much more time? 

>  My understanding is that students in the UK are forced to specialize MUCH
>earlier than in the US & have taken what we would consider to be graduate
>level courses before starting the PhD program.  Thus, they take few, if any
>formal courses once they do enter a program & can devote full time to
>  Clarification would be appreciated from those of you who've actually gone
>through the UK sustem.


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Hi Beth,

This was what I thought I posted yesterday. I am just finishing off my Ph.D in 
London and I have been in the lab for three solid years-no lecture programs. 
All those finished when I finished my degree which as you say was fairly 
intense in the final year doing 8 very specific units of study. I cannot 
say how this  compares to a US undergrad degree since I 
haven't gone through your system.

Mandy Johnstone
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King's College, London.

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