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Fri Apr 7 17:56:20 EST 1995

Julia.A.Keith at DARTMOUTH.EDU (Julia A. Keith) wrote 'I know of programs
(Harvard comes to mind) where the average grad student stay is 8-10 years.
 How come the US demands so much more time?'

The US doesn't demand more time, only certain professors do!  Some
advisors tend to view their grad students as lab slaves, keeping them
around 8 or so years to get the maximum work possible out of them.    This
is totally ridiculous!  Both the advisors I've had in Physiology have
firmly believed that a earning a doctorate should take no more than 4-5
years.  They get their students into the lab early on.

Also, the UK system of education is different than the US's.  As
undergrads, UK students are already focused on their specific field.
Generally, graduate work doesn't require any further course work, only

Adria Colletti

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