JAMA article on women in academic medicine

Rae Nishi nishir at ohsu.edu
Mon Apr 10 14:41:37 EST 1995

There is a fundamental problem in the "system" in that there is little
or no mechanism to take into consideration "child-bearing/rearing"
time.  It's not a routine part of the Promotion and Tenure file; and
I'm sure I would laughed out of the study section if my NIH competitive
renewal had under <Progress Report>: "was pregnant and had two children
during the last grant period".  Having children means not only time out
to have the child (eg., 6- 12 weeks) but also having to suffer at least
a year of little sleep and a continuing time commitment to raising the
children.  It's tough to do both and still be competitive
scientifically.  Sorry to be such a bummer but I'm looking at my
renewal and not liking what I see in terms of productivity....

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