NGO Forum on Women '95: Women's Journey to China

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I felt that the following announcement would be of interest to this 
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NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) Forum on Women '95:
Woman to Woman Journey to Beijing, China

August 31-September 14, 1995

A unique Woman to Woman journey to Beijing, China, is being organized 
to participate in the activity associated with United Nations' Fourth 
World Conference on Women and to experience China's culture first-hand.

The purpose of the NGO Forum is to influence the Platform for Action 
that UN member states will adopt in Beijing, and to hold a substantive 
and celebratory Forum highlighting women's vision and strategy for the 
world in the 21st century.

The Woman to Woman program is designed to provide a unique combination 
of work on women's issues, building an international network of 
relationships with other women, exploring significant cultural and 
historical sites, and having intimate, one-on-one interactions with 
Chinese women.

In Beijing, the group will attend Forum sessions and events in accord 
with the group interests. Sightseeing excursions set up in the Beijing 
area will include the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden 
City.  Meetings will be arranged with key professional women and 
officials of Chinese women's associations, to discuss how Chinese 
women deal with changing roles and expectations in a society that 
is fundamentally restructuring itself.

After the Forum the group will visit with women in their homes and at 
work in southern China.  

For more information on the journey, visit URL:

or send a request for further information to: womens-journey at

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